Early Civilisations Project IN Year 4

History in Year 4 this term is learning about Early Civilisations.

In particular the children have been discovering about the first writing systems. They learnt that the very first writing system in the world was invented by the Sumerians around 3300 BC. 

The children made their own clay tablets and just like the Sumerians they used a reed called a stylus to carefully mark the intricate symbols into the clay.  They discovered that writing was first used by the Sumerians as a way of keeping track of goods that were traded with other people. Eventually, they used writing to record stories, poems, laws and contracts.

Year 4's clay tablets were a mixture of their own stories, quotes and sayings, and I was very impressed how they could read out their own ancient writing! Everyone worked very hard to make the ancient writing on their tablets intricate and beautifully done.

Mrs Mathers, Year 4 Class Teacher

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