Support for Ukraine

A big thank you goes to our MHS community for coming together to help do what we can for Ukraine at this challenging time. 

A huge amount of clothes and other goods were collected this week and we are very grateful to everyone who donated items and to Mrs Perry for transporting them to Chatham, where they will be taken on to the Poland/Ukraine border for refugees.

On Monday, several families gathered in the morning sunshine to walk together before school for our Walk for Ukraine.  Collecting tins were filled with pocket money and generous donations for the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.  These tins are also placed around the school for those still wishing to contribute.  A big thank you to everyone involved, it was a peaceful and thoughtful start to the week. We are going to make this a weekly event for the remainder of this term, a chance to come together and peacefully think of those who are living through these torrid times. 


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