Bede's Galactic challenge

On the first weekend of the Summer Term, eight children from Years 6 and 7 took part in the Bede's Galactic Challenge. This is a competition which develops and highlights real world industry skills of collaboration, communication and leadership within a science, maths and design context.

Dexter, Benji, Millie and Sophia from Year 7 were on the winning team, the fifth (out of six) time Marlborough House pupils have achieved this. Millie's design for the Space research station for 75 scientists and 25 support staff, harpooned onto the surface of a comet, set in 2052 particularly impressed the judging panel which included project managers and engineers from industry, and a researcher from Imperial College. The four Year 6 girls (Fleur, Ruby, Alexandra and Phoebe) made a really strong contribution to their team, with three of the girls confidently presenting to a Sports Hall full of parents, participants, teachers and experts from industry and academia. 

The eight children made themselves, their parents and Marlborough House very proud. Truly excellent.

Mr Payne-Cook, Head of Science

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