Year 6 PSHE Fundraising Challenge

As part of their ‘Healthy Me’ topic in PHSE , Year 6 were challenged with planning and running a charity event.

They had been learning about how doing things for other people can have a positive impact on our own health and wellbeing. The children decided that they would like to raise some money for the people of Ukraine and set about planning a mini fete.  Valuable lessons were learnt along the way such as teamwork, planning and remembering to bake cakes if you said you would! The children were so excited and did a fabulous job – all their own work – managing to create such a positive, inclusive atmosphere. The Lucky Dip proved very popular, as did the Busking, Cake Stall. Ping-Pong Challenge and Tin Can Alley added to the fun.

At the heart of this though, was the plight of the Ukrainian people and Y6 showed empathy and a strong determination to do something that might make a small difference. A sum of £220.68 was raise for the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, well done Year 6.

Mrs Walker, Head of PHSE

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