Reception Outing to Wissenden Farm

With excitement levels through the roof, our Reception children set off on their first school trip!

As the coach pulled into the car park, all that was heard was “it’s huge!” and “I’ve never been on a coach before!”.  We aren't not sure any more was needed to improve the day but we boarded the coach anyway and headed to the farm. 

Even though the sun may not have shone, the children truly did.  They listened well, asked some great questions and respected the safety rules of the farm.   

The children saw all the animals on the farm (including cows, calves, horses and chickens), discovering how all of them needed water, food and shelter no matter how big or small they were. 

They were shown how to bottle feed some calves and they all helped feed some of the bigger cows. They saw some of the farm machinery and helped push a giant hay bale. Everyone’s favourite bull was called Minion - who surprised the children by not being yellow!

When asked, the children’s highlights of the day included:  

  • watching bottle calves being fed 
  • the bull (Minion) nearly pulling Mrs Boyd over (when trying to demonstrate how he uses his tongue to pull up the grass) 
  • being weighed as a class and finding out which class was heaviest 
  • sitting in the tractor 
  • sitting on the quad bike 

Success all round: happy, smiley and giggly children (with some needing to rest their eyes on the journey home after such a busy day).   

Well done Reception on a great day out! 

Mrs Boyd and Mrs Bailey, Reception Teachers

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