Year 7's History trip to London

In May, Year 7 went on an academic trip to London to learn about the capital's history and support their Tudor topic. 

The first venue, The Museum of London, is a hidden gem in the city; it traces the history of London through the ages in a very pupil centric way. We were preparing for the Great Fire and investigating the 17th century fire brigade and the birth of house insurance. We also dispelled a few historical myths in the process – no it did not end the plague! 

Following this, we went to the Tower to focus on the religious prisoners and their fate in the reigns of the Tudors. The expert guide was both engaging and knowledgeable and the pupils were thoroughly focussed on what he had to say. I am pleased to report he was equally full of praise for their intelligent insights and questions.

I must thank Mr Kimber and Mrs Reeve, and of course Year 7, for an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

Mrs Budd, Head of History

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