MFL's Inter-House Spelling Bee

The Languages Department held a thrilling Inter-House Spelling Bee.

The pupils were asked to spell words they had studied in either French or Spanish - and the rules were strict!  Some face-offs proved quite nerve wracking for those who had to come up on stage to spell in front of the crowd, using a microphone. It took quite a lot of courage and focus to get through the task.

I am very proud of all the spelling bees who took part but also very impressed with the crowd who supported all the contestants so cheerfully.

The winners were Emil D in Yr 3 (Hawkings), Tara B in Yr 4 (Awdry), Theo N in Yr 5 (Egan), Fleur DH in Yr 6 (Awdry) and Phoebe M in Yr 7 (Hawkings). All the winners were delighted to receive a £10 Amazon voucher as a prize! 

Thank you to Mr Little, my indispensable right arm, Ms Philip, our sound engineer and Ms Coatz, our crowd warmer.

Mme De Haan, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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