Year 7 Staycation

Introducing the Year 7 Staycation: two wonderful days of activities for Year 7, with two busy nights of boarding activities too. 

Day 1
by Sophie C, Year 7

The staycation started with a laser tag combat activity. At the centre, there were three activities, for each of which we played two rounds; the first was Capture the Flag which was even more exciting with laser guns. The aim of the next game, Domination Box, was to shoot a target (the box) until it was fully one team’s colour. Finally, we played Total Elimination, the purpose of which was to eliminate everyone in the opposing team. It was extremely hot but all games were still really fun. Annoyingly, 7R, the red team, ended up winning but it was all still very exciting 

After the laser tag we went to Camber Sands for ice cream and to play Stoolball, a traditional Sussex game, similar to cricket except the ball is thrown higher, aimed at your head. Mr Kimber played so well that I think he might secretly be a professional. It was a perfect sunny day for the beach and thank you to all the teachers for taking us! 

Day 2
by Phoebe M, Year 7

On the second day of our staycation, we headed over to Rye Watersports where there were three different activities: Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Wind Surfing and Sailing. We got split into our classes and 7R started with sailing, with only three boats capsizing, whilst 7K were doing paddleboarding and wind surfing. When it was 7K’s turn to sail, surprisingly only two of their boats capsized.

When we were paddleboarding, we played lots of fun games, most of which ended with everyone falling in the water and we did some races. When we were doing wind surfing the challenge was to try and stand up, with a few people standing up so well that they could not stop, which was very funny to watch as they set off across the lake. In sailing we just had to try and steer but not fall off. I am not sure if a few people in our year would ever make it as sailors in life, but it was a really fun day, everyone really enjoyed it and we all really want to go back.

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