Ready for Reception Tea Party

The children who are moving from Nursery to Reception enjoyed a lovely farewell tea party in the Nursery garden at the end of term.

The centrepiece was a wonderful cake baked by Mr Keates, our talented cake-making Housekeeper, and Mrs Fields, Head of Art.  With the names of leaving Nursery children and a rotating top layer it was a sight to behold!

Please see below the beautiful poem, written by one of our Nursery parents, to say thank you and au revoir to the Nursery staff:

Mrs Edmondson and team, what can we say? With smiling faces you greet our children each day.

The times they’ve been sad, nervous or cried, you’ve helped them be brave like ‘The Lion Inside’.

You love our little ones as much as we do, but not nearly as much as they love you.

You look after them, cherish them, take the best care, sorting out nappies, clean clothes, sun cream and hair.

Much of what they have learned and they do, has been taught and given by each of you.

Reading and writing, sports, music and art, they couldn’t have had a better start.

We will remember forever this wonderful time, the chickens, the guinea pigs, the musical chimes.

“Thank you” from us doesn’t feel like enough, but it’s time to hop onto the Reception bus.

So now we must part with love, hugs and kisses, we all want to give you our very best wishes.

It’s time for the holidays, the break you’ve all earned, but we’ll be back to visit you early next term. 

A Nursery Parent


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