Introducing 'TIM TALKS'

A new initiative for Pre-Prep. 

As you know, our Show and Tell Assemblies are a highlight of the children’s week! It is a time when they have a voice and can share all their enthusiasm and interests from home with school. I am therefore pleased to be giving the assembly an ‘upgrade’ to reflect the importance it has. I am proud to announce that the assemblies will now be referred to as TIM (THIS IS ME) Talks (consider them as Marlborough House’s very own TED Talks!).

The ethos and aim of the sessions is to give the children time to talk about anything about themselves – achievements, interests, activities. It is a lovely chance for us to learn how different we are as individuals and an important part of our Character Education delivery. All the sessions are in the Hopkins Hall and so we have use of the big screen. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to improve their presentation skills and build their confidence in this type of environment. We look forward to introducing it to the children this term. 

Mrs Reid, Head of Pre-Prep

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