The Children's very own Secret Garden

As part of our ‘Great Outdoors’ initiative the polytunnel, kindly donated by the Friends of MHS, is now in place and up and running.

The Autumn weather has brought with it a flurry of excitement of what is to come and we are thrilled with all the learning that will accompany such project management (from high dreams to implementation and celebrations). The children in Prep have already aptly named the space as ‘The Secret Garden’, which reflects the special place it has already become.

Years 3 and 4 will use the area as an extension of their Forest School time and their previous learning in Pre-Prep, as they progress to understand the importance of stewardship and care for our environment. The Prep School gardening activity club will also utilise the area each week to develop their skills and the rest of the school will begin to use the polytunnel as a science space to observe growing and development in real time.

All that remains to be said is … watch this space. We will keep you informed of all the activities and development as we plan through Autumn, dig through Winter and grow into Spring.

Mrs Rebecca Reid, Head of Pre-Prep and Forest School Teacher


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