European Day of Languages Bake Off and Macmillan Coffee Morning

This year marks the fourth year that we have celebrated the European Day of Languages with a Bake-Off Competition, with all the cakes being sold at the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

This shows not only the love for competition (there were some fantastic, original and diverse entries again this year, thank you to all who baked!) but also the love for fundraising which ultimately is a sign of caring for others. The theme of ‘DIVERSITY’ was explored in lessons throughout the day and it encouraged us to recognise our differences, but most importantly to accept and celebrate these differences. We are all different and curiosity of the unknown rather than fear of the unknown will make us happier together. Let's promote diversity!

Very many thanks again to all who baked and to those who bought cakes. The wonderful sum of £537.70 was raised for Macmillan.

The winners of the Bake-Off competition are listed below, in no particular order and based on best representing the theme of Diversity. Many congratulations to:


Nata (4P) and Raffey P (6dH)

Freya (4M) and Charlie B (6dH)

Agnes (3L) and Anna P (6dH)

Eleanor T (4P)


Zac P (2P)

Tilly R (1C)

Jack (Nursery) and Florence B (1W)

Madame de Haan, Head of MFL

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