Harvest Festival

We were delighted to welcome children from Years 1-8 and their parents to our annual Harvest Festival event. 

We also welcomed back the team from Nourish Food Bank in Tunbridge Wells who delivered a moving message including a letter of thanks from a recipient of their food parcels. The House tables had a wonderful display of food donations which were gratefully received by Nourish after the event, so thank you to all those who contributed. 

The Music

We had a very energetic musical element at the Harvest Festival, enabling us to celebrate this special time of year.  Every child was given the chance to perform and should feel tremendously proud of their efforts.  Year 3 and 4 kicked off proceedings with "Sing a Song of Harvest" which incorporated a complex dance routine to really allow them to shine.  This was followed by a classic favourite from Year 1 and 2: Big Red Combine Harvester.  Year 1 and 2 returned later in the programme to perform "Autumn Leaves" with tuneful singing and they showed their sense of fun with the kazoo verse.  Year 5 and 6 treated us to a Coldplay-esque song called Harvest Time by Luke Bryan.  This was accompanied on guitar by Freddie A and Isobel B (Year 8).  The finale, and perhaps, loudest contribution, was given by our Year 7 and 8 children who performed their very own "We Will Grow You" having written the lyrics themselves.  A very enjoyable morning was had by all.

Mrs McEwan, Director of Music

The Readings

Year 8 read 2 poems – one “The Harvest Moon” by Ted Hughes and the other “The Day That Summer Died” by Vernon Scannell. Both poems consider different themes to do with Autumn. 

The Harvest Moon features the ripening crops and farm animals quaking beneath the powerful Harvest Moon whilst “The Day that Summer Died” presents the changing leaves and berries in their autumn colours as a celebration of the end of Summer- something to be enjoyed rather than mourned over. 

The readings encouraged us to think about the people involved in providing our food and giving thanks for all that we have whilst also considering those around the world who do not have enough to eat due to drought, floods or poverty. 

Mrs Atkins, Head of English

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