Year 6 Discovery Day

We held another successful Discovery Day for our Year 6 cohort specialising in Art, DT, Science and Sport. Our pupils were joined by other Year 6s from local primary schools and all took part in a series of ‘energy’ themed workshops. 

Art took a seasonal approach to the concept of energy, drawing on natural inspiration in the form of a beautiful selection of seed heads that Mrs Fields had gathered for the session. The children reimagined the seed heads in clay, putting their own twists on them. The finished items will be glazed and fired for the children to take home after half term. 

DT saw Year 6 design, build and send air rockets flying. There was a fun competitive element as the children took it in turns to see whose rocket would go furthest, adapting their designs to create the most aerodynamic shape possible. 

Science considered energy in the body, involving both microscope and Bunsen burner work. The highlight was the opportunity to set fire to different types of crisps and measure the energy released from the crisp in the form of heat. The prawn crackers were a particular success. 

In sport the focus was on rugby, breaking down the concept of the game before putting it back together, culminating in a mixed tag rugby match. 

The day was a great blend of disciplines with lots of engaging learning opportunities. MHS pupils were very enthusiastic, polite and welcoming to our visiting pupils. 


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