Poetry Celebration

On the Thursday before Half Term, the Old Gym was packed to the rafters with excited children and expectant parents and staff; a hush descended as Isobel B took to the stage with her beautiful singing and guitar playing providing a delightful musical introduction to our annual Poetry Celebration. 

As ever, the children had worked so hard learning a wonderful range of poems from favourite classics, cautionary tales and some rather more cheeky and entertaining ditties. Our first whole class poem by Year 4 provided a super start to our celebration performed with the perennially popular Roald Dahl and his highly entertaining version of The Three Little Pigs. There were some wonderful characterisations in evidence here and, despite some very understandable nerves, the children gave us a wonderful rendition. After this rousing start, individual performers and whole classes also had their turn in reciting their poems.

Isobel swiftly changed character from charming songstress to Wicked Witch in order to perform with Phoebe M, the Witches’ Spell by William Shakespeare. They helped to set the tone for a most enjoyable evening with many wonderful performances and lively interpretations.  Each Year 6 class had composed their own poems on the theme of the school community and we even had a French poem on discrimination.

It is always a joy to see the children in action and it is heart-warming and awe inspiring to witness performers supporting each other, overcoming their nerves and the resulting sense of achievement they experience at having done so.

Well done to all the children and thank you to parents and staff for all their support and encouragement. Particular thanks must also go to the wonderful MHS team who organised the group and class poems: Mrs Mathers, Mr Priddin, Ms Coatz, Mr Little and Mme de Haan.

Mrs Atkins, Head of English

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