MHS Geography World Wise Quiz

In November some of the finest young geographers in the local area came together to battle it out for the MHS Geography World Wise Quiz.

Teams from St Ronan’s, Dulwich and Vinehall were hosted by a selection of MHS Year 8 students. It was the first time that the quiz has been held and it was friendly, informal and a lot of fun… but like any good ‘pub quiz’, highly competitive too. 

The questions ranged from anagrams to A-Z of locations, to University Challenge style panel questions, and of course, the obligatory OS map round. How well would you have done… have a go at some of the questions below:

  1. What A hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896?             
  2. What B is the name of a scale of wind force? 
  3. What C is the region of France producing a sparkling wine?        
  4. What D is a body of water 390m below sea level between Israel and Jordan?      
  5. What E is the country where the Blue Nile rises?              
  6. In which country could you spend pesos in Buenos Aires?             
  7. What is the capital of Canada?  
  8. In which country would you find the volcano Stromboli?
  9. On postage stamps, which country is Suomi?      
  10. Which is the odd one out? Easter Island, Tristan da Cunha, Galapagos Islands?    
  11. Put the following countries in order from most northerly to most southerly: Spain, Denmark, Germany, Romania 

Answers: 1. Athens 2. Beaufort 3. Champagne 4. Dead Sea 5. Ethiopia 6. Argentina 7. Ottawa 8. Italy 9. Finland 10. Tristan (Atlantic) 11. Denmark, Germany, Romania, Spain

It was a very closely fought competition and after 90 minutes of intense quizzing, the teams were separated by just 7 points. Dulwich came first with MHS hot on their heels, followed by the other schools. I hope it will be the first of many opportunities to battle our wits and geographical knowledge against other local schools. Well done to all the children involved and thanks to all the visiting staff who worked hard to mark the papers and keep the score.

Mr Kimber, Head of Geography

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