FoMHS Bonfire Night

The night of the FoMHS Bonfire and Fireworks proved to be the perfect weather for this year’s event!

This is always a popular evening, and this year was no exception. Why change a proven and popular format?! We had Cellar Head beer, hot food, mulled wine and a glow shop but this year we introduced our newly purchased candy floss machine – whilst many volunteers had never flossed before, they took up the challenge with gusto and, before you knew it, were experts. 

The Guy had been created by the MHS boarders (thank you to them and Mrs Archer) and nestled atop the huge bonfire, whilst slightly smoky to start it soon started to blaze and lit up the darkening autumn evening.  At 5.30pm promptly the fireworks display began and did not disappoint, ten minutes of light, colour and sound covering the horizon.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with this event.  A big thank you to Mr Townsend and Mr George for all their hard work and to Mr Gibbons and his wonderful catering team who worked alongside us on the night. 

Mrs Rachel Bennett, Chair FoMHS


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