Reception Detectives

In the second half of term, Reception (and Nursery) transformed themselves into detectives. Asking some brilliant questions and working out the clues, they have been on a mission to discover more about the wonderful people who help us.

We started our mission looking around school, visiting some of the less well-known members of the MHS community.  We went and saw Mrs Weatherly (with her piggy bank), Mr Gibbons (with his enormous pots, pans and ovens), Mrs B-G (with her magical screen), Mr Townsend (with all his tools) and Nurse Izzy who told us all about germs and how she can help us if we are ill. 

Next we started having welcoming guests from outside school... 

Captain Wells came in to tell us all about flying a helicopter ambulance.  Reception were very impressed with the photos he brought and they made some great comparisons to other Emergency services. 

Doctor Parnell brought her magic gel and showed us the importance of washing our hands.  We also talked about how we can help to stay healthy by eating and drinking the correct foods, exercising, sleeping and smiling. 

Mrs Hummel told us all about being a vet.  Giving demonstrations on how to bandage a poorly dogs paw, letting us look at some real veterinary equipment and reading us a lovely story. 

Our visits ended with Hannah the dentist. She taught us how to brush our teeth properly and explained how sugar is so bad for our teeth.  We played a great game sorting out ‘good foods’ and ‘not such good foods’. 

It has been wonderful speaking to so many different people who all happily gave up their time.  A big thank you from us all. 

Mrs Boyd, Reception Teacher

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