Snapshot Interview with our Year 8 Mental Health Champions

As part of our continuing commitment to the wellbeing of the children, our Year 8s received mental health training last year. From this cohort, we appointed eight Mental Health Champions who will support positive mental health across the Prep School as peer mentors. Pupils from Year 3 upwards are invited to put their name in the designated jar in their classrooms if they would like to chat to a Mental Health Champion.

We invited the pupils as a group to complete a Snapshot Interview so we can learn a little more about them and why they became Mental Health Champions - 

What are your names?

Eliza B, Oliver D, Eliza F, Florence K, Robert McP, Phoebe M, Barnaby R and Gabriella S

Why did you decide to become (MHCs) Mental Health Champions?

After we had done the training, we thought we would like to help others and then we got picked to be MHC’s

What does being an MHC involve?

We go to classrooms on Friday mornings and check the 'Time to talk' jars to see if anyone in school would like to talk to us. We arrange appropriate talking spaces so other children feel comfortable and supported. We are organising some Friday breaktime sporting activities.

What is your favourite thing about being an MHC?

Being able to socialise with different year groups and knowing how to help others, both in and out of school.

Why is Children's Mental Health Week important?

It gives children ideas about how they can support themselves and understand what mental health is.

What are your top tips for positive mental health?

Have a healthy lifestyle – exercise, eat well and get enough sleep. Tapping when angry can help you feel calmer, and we can teach other children how to do this. Know when to stop and step away from an argument. 

What difference do the mental health initiatives at MHS make?

They give us all a better understanding of Mental Health and how to keep it up!

What makes MHS a special place to?

MHS is a school that values individual worth. It provides an open space to think, where people understand what might be happening in your life and make sure you have people to talk to. It is a school where people respect your thoughts.


Many thanks to the Year 7 pupils and Mrs Walker for interviewing our Mental Health Champions. 




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