YEar 2 Step Back to 1666

It was the year 1666 in Year 2 and London was burning! The children learnt through drama, role play and hands-on activities, they didn't just hear about life in the past – they lived it. 

They began their interactive learning experience by watching their very precious Tudor style houses burning in their very own London town.

All the emotions were felt! After that, they got even more immersed in 1666 times by dressing up and experiencing what it was like to make clothes for the people who might have lost their clothes in the fire - they decided that weaving was tricky! Next, they crushed up herbs to make scent bags to help increase health and eliminate bad smells and they even made their very own candle holders out of clay to help people see in the dark.

To end off the day, they wrote letters on parchment paper to King Charles II to thank him for all he did using a quill and ink and even created their very own fire plaque for fire insurance purposes. 

Below are some quotes from some of the children about the day:

Amber - "Well, that was a busy day but the best day ever"

Issy - "Thank you for organising today"

Gordon - "I liked the weaving because it was tricky and I like tricky stuff"

Kristina - 'This has been the best day at school ever.'

Mika - 'This was the best day because we did lots of Art.'

Jemima - 'I liked the quill writing'.

Freddie - 'I liked looking at the houses that got burnt.'

Ariana -'I like the sewing even though it was really hard.'

Mrs Chapman, Year 2 Teacher


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