Year 7's wonderful London Trip

In mid-March, our Year 7 pupils, accompanied by Mrs Budd, Mr Little and Mr Payne-Cook, experienced an immersive, enriching and utterly brilliant mega-trip to London. 

We started doing some History source work in the Treasures room of the Natural History Museum, choosing our top three most precious exhibits from the Museum's 22 most precious of their 80 million possessions.  Not only were the treasures fascinating, but the way the pupils examined the evidence to make their decisions was both diligent and curious in equal measure.  

In the Science museum we briefly explored the Space gallery before Mr P-C gave a lecture on the structure of DNA next to the Watson & Crick model (not forgetting Rosalind Franklin) and then we explored the new Covid-19 Injection of Hope mini-gallery and the large Medicine gallery on the first floor.  Then we spent an immersive, investigative and playful hour in the interactive Wonderlab, realising that Physics is absolutely brilliant in the real world (beyond a school textbook)!  

From South Kensington to Covent Garden for a little bit of street theatre featuring Mr Little as a beautiful assistant to a machete juggling monocyclist!  Some tasty Franco Manca pizza and onto the Cambridge Theatre for the stunning RSC production of Matilda the musical: an incredible production with great plot, acting, singing, dancing and choreography - a true feast for the senses.

The girls then came back for a late boarding night before blitzing Wednesday morning at school, bleary-eyed but culturally, intellectually and joyfully enriched by the school day trip of a lifetime.

The three teachers on the trip would like to thank the girls for being brilliant company; for being so interested and engaged with everything, and for becoming (even) more interesting and educated as a consequence of this gleefully enriching trip.  We are so blessed to have London on our doorstep.  Well done girls, long may you remember this fantastic day! 

Mr Payne-Cook, Head of Science

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