Duckhurst Farm Inter-School Show Jumping

We were delighted to welcome three new pupils to the MHS Equestrian squad during the Easter holidays, when they competed in the Inter-School Show Jumping at Duckhurst Farm. This means we now have thirteen children riding for the school!

We had a very successful day with our 60cm and 70cm team both winning and Individual qualifications for Emma G (1st in the 70cm), Eliza B (3rd in the 70cm) and Eliza B won the 75cm class as well with Emma G close behind her in 3rd and Zoe C in 5th. A fabulous day for the squad once again. 

Very well done to Thea A, Barnaby C and Wilbur C who rode for the school for the first time and who left with big smiles having had a fabulous morning. It was lovely to see the older children looking after and helping the younger children in true MHS spirit.




Mrs Dipper, Equestrian Team Manager

With thanks to @iwill_photo for two of the photographs 


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