Pre-Prep's Sensational Science Morning

Flying, bubbles, bugs and magnets - these were just some of the wonderful activities on Sensational Science Morning!

May the force be with you! We experimented with paper aeroplanes and learnt that gravity, thrust, lift and drag were the forces at play. When we made simple tweaks, like wing size and throw power, we could significantly alter the force that our planes experienced. There was lots of laughter, learning and mid-air collisions ...... now where are those black boxes...                                                                                                                                                       

Using water, detergent and our secret ingredient of sugar we made different bubbles. We tried to make the biggest bubble we could, this required teamwork to raise the hoop. We also tried to blow bubbles within bubbles - five inside the other was the top score! Bubble fountains were created with along with continuous bubbles. All in all a lot of bubble fun.

Magic mazes were made using magnets, paper clips and pictures! Were they magnetic or not? The children enjoyed exploring different materials and finding out which ones would attract to a magnet.

We also went on a bug hunt! Bug boxes and magnifying glasses were used to explore the playground – ants, centipedes and woodlice were discovered.

Mrs Pay, Year 2 Teacher


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