Year 3 French Picnic

Year 3 invited their parents to a French picnic in the shade of our beautiful trees and it was delicious; someone even managed a 10th helping!

You may think that all things French are centred around food: you would be right! The children sang "Savez-vous planter les choux ?" which covered the topic of body parts, "Sur le pont d'Avignon" just because we like it and it is so French. We played "le fermier dans son pré" (topic of family and playground games) and "le facteur" to practise days of the week.

I am really proud of all Year 3 for their fantastic singing and for taking part so enthusiastically. I am grateful to all parents who were able to attend: you made the hour we shared together, in our little French bubble under the trees, just special. 

Mme De Haan, Head of MFL

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