Year 3 trip to the Big Cat Sanctuary

On Tuesday 6th June, Year 3 went to The Big Cat Sanctuary as part of their study on the rainforest.

We were lucky enough to have the whole sanctuary to ourselves and it felt incredibly special to observe the cats without the crowds. We saw amur leopards, the most critically endangered cat in the world, white lions, tigers, snow leopards and many other cats on our tour of the sanctuary. The children enjoyed learning about the history of each cat and the sanctuary’s breeding and conservation efforts for each of them.

As part of the trip, the children also had a workshop on the rainforest, with a particular focus on deforestation and how this impacts the habitats of cats. This complimented our rainforest topic brilliantly and the children engaged enthusiastically throughout the session.

It was a wonderful trip and the children have talked about it non-stop since then! 

Mrs Henderson, Year 3 Form Teacher

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