PRep School Sports Day

Very well done to everyone who competed in the Prep School Inter-House Sports Day on 24th June.

The overall winning House on the day was Awdry with 391 points, followed by Egan with 251, 3rd Hawkings with 225 and 4th Dunbar  with 211.

Congratulations also go to our Victor Ludorum, Benjamin L, and Victrix Ludorum, Florence K, and to all those who broke records as listed below:

Rosie C (Year 7 girls' Discus)

Charlie P (Year 3 boys' 600m)

William E (Year 3 boys' ball throw)

Nathanael P (Year 4 boys' 600m)

Florence R (Year 3 girls' ball throw)

Cleo M-C (Year 7 girls' 200m)

Milla H-B (Year 4 girls' ball throw)

Ruby C (Year 7 girls' high jump and long jump)

Benji Loetz (Year 8 boys' 200m)

Charlotte B (Year 5 girls' 70m and Year 5 girls' shot putt)

Charlie P (Year 3 boys' 60m)

Harry A (Year 5 boys' shot putt)

 Many thanks to all the staff for their work before and during the event to make it run so seamlessly.

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