year 3's Victorian Trip

Year 3 looked splendid in their Victorian outfits as we set off on a sparkling crisp morning for The Museum of Kent Life.

The children had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Victorian era by visiting the different venues starting with a typical Victorian cottage. We squeezed ourselves into the parlour and imagined a life without phones, TVs and iPads and wondered how we would wile away the hours especially on long winter evenings.  Next, we met Elizabeth the chandler, who showed us how to make candles which was both educational and entertaining. Year 3 were rightly proud of the candles they made keeping the wick straight as they dipped it in the wax. Exploring the Victorian Christmas traditions was fascinating, giving us all a glimpse into how Victorians celebrated the season of good will. 

We listened in silent awe about the hardships faced by children in the workhouse during that time and felt a great sense of gratitude about our own lives. Meeting Charles Dickens and being guided through a performance of A Christmas Carol was a truly memorable encounter. The beautiful weather was the icing on top of an already amazing day. A big shout-out to the parents for their effort in providing splendid costumes for the children. Overall, it was a truly magical and educational experience that we will remember for years to come.

Mrs Mathers, Year 3 Teacher

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