Pre-Prep's English Extravaganza

Extravaganza : noun-an elaborate and spectacular entertainment

Pre-Prep's English Extravaganza saw us zipping through the Pre-Prep building in our School Houses, finding something excitingly English at every turn.

With a nod to National Story Telling Week, we rolled the story dice; creating collaborative tales and honing our narrative skills. Whipping on a magical story telling cloak and hat, we retold our tales, complete with improvisation, theatrics and embellishment.

Next stop, an exciting mark making task, bringing together movement, language and music. After a disco dough warm up, we developed handwriting skills by exercising our gross motor movements, using both hands to cross what is known as the ‘midline’…the vertical line that we can imagine passing just in front of our bodies, from the tops of our heads to the floor between our feet.

Around the corner we entered a classroom covered with books. Channelling a ‘scavenger hunt‘ vibe, we raced through pages of books hunting down given words, challenging ourselves with reading, looking carefully at the text, supporting our team, and ticking them off as we went….'now, where will I find Gruffalo……'

Finally, puppets were milling around waiting to be chosen. We became teachers and taught our cuddly students a range of nursery rhymes. Once confident, the puppets brought their human back onto the carpet and performed what they had learnt. Puppets are very good listeners and excellent learners.

Achieved : verb: achieved (past tense) - successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage: "an elaborate and spectacular morning of English was achieved."

Mrs Willett, Head of English for Pre-Prep

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