Children’s Mental Health Week

We are pleased to have supported Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week.

In line with the theme was ‘My Voice Matters’, the Form Reps and I were excited to run a mental health questionnaire in the Prep School, which will be evaluated at the next Pupil Council meeting. PSHE lessons and assemblies throughout the School focused on mental health and all the children took part in mindfulness exercises such as tai chi and bracelet-making - Years 3 and 4 particularly enjoyed Miss Richardson’s assembly on ‘breathe bracelets’.

Everyone reflected on the importance of having their voice heard, being seen, and how it made them feel; reminding us why ‘valuing self and others’ is at the centre of School life. Pupils took time to think about what mattered to them, what made them feel happy - their pets, their football team, their friends - Reception Class RCO even created a wellness display board, capturing these thoughts from the children.

As it was also Internet Safety Day during Children's Mental Health Week, this played an inportant part in our teaching and IT lessons with Mrs Reeve were dedicated to how we can use computers, the internet, online games and social media in a safer and healthier way. 

Mrs Walker, Head of Pastoral Care

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