Marlborough House School has embraced the move by educational establishments into Computer Science using appropriate coding programmes that suit the age and abilities of each child. Computer Science is taught as a discrete subject and used as a tool to enhance learning within the school. From an early age pupils have the opportunity to use computer technology to express their ideas and support their studies.

The lessons are planned to be stimulating, tapping into students' interest in technology, helping them become technology innovators. Computer Science at MHS is continuously evolving to keep up with national and global developments. Pupils can build their skills, allowing them to design technical solutions to problems in Science, Math, Arts, and literacy.

Learning about Computer Science and how to write programs from an early age teachers our students to think logically helping them work their way through any type of problem. Our pupils  become independent thinkers and have the ability to produce solutions to problems from a new perspective giving them an extremely useful skill that they can take with them.

Good use is made of information and communication technology across the curriculum and pupils display an excellent level of competence when using it

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In the classrooms teachers use IT in daily lessons  and children have the opportunity to use a variety of programs on the classroom computer. Touch-Typing is started in Year Three and word processing, spreadsheet and powerpoint skills are developed very successfully from an early age.  More sophisticated programmes such as Website creation are taught in the discrete lessons.

All children have monitored and controlled access to the internet, with lessons to support this use.