Mathematics at Marlborough House covers Number, Shape & Space, Measure, Data and Algebra which are studied at the appropriate level for the age and ability of the child with a view to developing real understanding and confidence in each area.

The teaching is structured to allow all children the opportunity to nurture a fascination and excitement for mathematics as well as to develop an appreciation and awareness of mathematics in everyday life. Investigative approaches are used to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills, thereby developing pupils’ confidence to use mathematics to solve both real-life and theoretical problems.

Pupils demonstrate an excellent ability in number, and confidently develop their own strategies for problem solving and applying mathematics in a practical way

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The children are expected to achieve their highest potential, so some will study for higher level exams when appropriate and will be entered for a variety of local and national mathematics competitions. In addition, there are opportunities to undertake practical problem-solving activities and to research mathematical topics that are often then presented to a class. It is in this way that we can be assured that all our children make good progress and that even the most able mathematician is challenged.