Why Choose Us?

When children move up to become Seniors in Years 7 and 8, they experience the full breadth of opportunities available to them at MHS. At every stage our children are keen to get the very most out of every experience they are offered whether it is through delivering a presentation, the leadership opportunities, overseas trips or taking part in the Year 8 Leavers' Programme. This all forms part of our enriched provision for our Seniors, offering pupils a more varied and personalised approach to the curriculum. 

Supported by our broad curriculum, activity afternoons and club programme, our children achieve in all areas of school life. More importantly, they do not take the opportunities they have for granted; rather their experiences here help build self-assured individuals.

In addition, in Years 7 and 8 we offer the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate which provides a curriculum framework, highlighting the importance of skills. This sits alongside our well-established emphasis on character and values at Marlborough House, helping children to develop practical wisdom that will serve them long after they leave us for senior school.

Prep School (Years 7-8) Life

At Marlborough House, we firmly believe that all children should be encouraged to 'reach for the stars' and that talent and excellence should be recognised and celebrated whenever and wherever we see it. We want children to follow their own passions and interests to allow them to become the best version of themselves, and so the timetable becomes more flexible to suit this more individualised approach. Trips, guest speakers and the opportunity to choose, are key aspects of a varied and thoughtful approach to Years 7 and 8.

All pupils receive individualised preparation for their senior school entrance tests, including interview practice and dedicated lessons. Our internal scholarship provision begins in Year 7, with our most able and talented pupils receiving both challenge in lessons and additional extension groups. All pupils receive extra help and mentoring appropriate to their needs, while from the Summer Term of Year 7, pupils start to work towards scholarship entrance exams for their senior school. Bespoke groups run alongside classroom lessons, to ensure that their preparation is personalised to the very different expectation of each senior school’s scholarship requirements.

The results of our support can be seen year in, year out in the scholarships and first choice places that our pupils secure at their senior schools.

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